Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Last week in 2018 the year 5&6 camp we had camp at wednesday to friday. We had six activity each day. First we did skate/skoder/basketball/ping pong. We were practising skating around the hall.


  1. Hello Lealofi my name is Luke. I'm from Owairaka school. That seems like a really fun camp trip even I would like to go there. I have a
    question: How many people were at your camp including teachers?
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  2. Hi, my name is Andre from Owairaka District School I can't wait to go to my School Camp. Was there much land at the Camp?
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    Blog you later.

  3. Hi,my name is Lujain. I'm from Owairaka School, that looks like its pretty fun... I have a question, how long did you guys stay there?

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